Still Images 
Photographs of the April 2018 Hartford Opera Theater production

Older Marie Curie (Susan Yankee, on pier) remembers her days as a younger woman (Elizabeth Hayes, far right) working with Pierre Curie (Mark Womack, center). Photograph by Kim Bova.
Irene Curie (Claudia Rosenthal, left) and her mother Old Marie Curie (SusanYankee, right) at the beach. Photograph by Kim Bova.
Pierre Curie (Mark Womack, foreground) sings about his excitement about radium while Old Marie Curie (Susan Yankee, back left) remembers and Young Marie Curie (Elizabeth Hayes, back right) looks on. Photograph by Kim Bova.
(L-R) Old Marie Curie (Susan Yankee), Young Marie Curie (Elizabeth Hayes), and Pierre Curie (Mark Womack). Photograph by Kim Bova.












































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