Composer’s Log: Nov. 6, 2017

Since my last Composer’s Log, I have finished the draft of Marie’s rage aria and sketched out the vocal lines up to the beginning of Irene’s aria.  That section features another aria for Marie, where she discusses receiving the second Nobel Prize and then the exhaustion she felt after.  This is Marie’s strongest and most clear admission of feeling ill in the entire opera:

Still, Marie quickly moves away from that thought, recalling how she then returned to her work and once again demonstrating her tremendous resiliency:

This leads into a conversation with Irene about their current health issues. Yet, while Irene focuses on the possibility that radium is making them sick, Marie continues to attribute her symptoms to more mundane causes, never wanting to allow the thought that radium could be harmful.  Irene’s desperation builds during this exchange, until she finally is able to express her fears in her main aria.

Last week, Kendra shared a bit of her process in writing new text for Irene’s aria.  I was excited to receive the expanded text, though I haven’t started working on the new material yet.  My plan this week is to tackle Irene’s aria and the end of the opera, which comes soon after.