Composer’s Log: Oct. 23, 2017

Marie’s rage aria is coming along well.  I’ve tweaked the fugue in the accompaniment a bit and added a stretto at the climax. A small snippet of that passage is included below.

At this point, I’ve filled in most of the holes, but still want to do a little more tweaking before the draft is done—or, at least, done until I have the entire opera and can start making revisions with everything in place.

After the rage aria, there’s a shorter companion aria that features Marie’s triumph in winning her second Nobel Prize.  Her first Nobel Prize was shared with her husband and is featured in a duet between the two scientists (the start of which is shown below).

The second Nobel Prize was Marie’s alone, and the accompanying music is a recomposition of the earlier duet.  Here, Marie begins with her earlier music, but eventually takes over Pierre’s vocal line, showing that she has stepped out of his shadow.  Not only does she claim his music, she sings it in a transposition that emphasizes her tonal center, B-flat, rather than Pierre’s D.  A teaser of that passage is included here.

I’ll be heading off to Kansas next week for the International Alliance for Women in Music’s Annual Concert, where my violin-cello duet “You, As You Were Before You Existed” will be performed by members of the Kansas Virtuosi.  Hopefully I will be able to get a good bit of composing done before I leave and on my various flights!