Composer’s Log: July 10, 2017

Now that my other recent projects—a song cycle (with text by Kendra!) for mezzo-soprano Charity Clark and a trombone and piano solo for the International Trombone Festival—are wrapping up, I’m focusing my compositional efforts on Marie Curie Learns to Swim.  If you follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you may have noticed me posting little teasers.  I’ll also be giving longer updates here on our site.  My goal is to post once a week during the composing process (or possibly more regularly if I am extra ambitious).

So far, I’ve shared three snippets on social media. I’ve collected them here along with a fourth not yet posted:

I’ve primarily been sketching out the vocal lines for two duets, an extended one between Marie and Pierre plus a shorter one for Marie and Irene.  I’ve got the melodies drafted—though I do tend to revise heavily when I’m composing so the snippets you see above may not be recognizable in the final version—and am starting to sketch out the accompaniment.  The text is paramount, so in the early stages of writing vocal music, the sung lines generally come first for me.

Beyond getting the music underway, Kendra and I are very excited that Hartford Opera Theater has announced they are premiering Marie Curie Learns to Swim next season.  We will post details about date, time, etc. once they are available.  In the meantime, you can expect more updates here soon!